A challenging question?

Karen Lewellen klewellen at shellworld.net
Fri Jan 20 19:59:46 UTC 2017

I have no issues  using gmail now.  since I am only either doing it from 
shellworld, or  in the case of my office, dreamhost,  my direction is fine 
Was late last night when I wrote, will flesh out this one time use of 
alpine  as Larry  discusses.
Personally i do not care for alpine, but my use is based on dreamhost, 
who may  not fully  understand the program  themselves, smiles.
Hopefully  the person scamming this list looking for a date will not add 
to the amusement...I do not do girls.

On Fri, 20 Jan 2017, Tim Chase wrote:

> On January 19, 2017, Karen Lewellen wrote:
>> Actually, the printer friendly  edition of emails at google will
>> produce fine text, and yes I can save the file with the p function.
>> The challenge is, since this is court evidence, I must gather
>> likely a couple  hundred of them.
> Ah, that changes the game.  I'd go the route that Hart mentioned of
> connecting to Gmail via IMAP and slurping your mail locally which
> gives you the actual message body including all the headers.  From
> both a forensic perspective and a "gather them up to submit for
> evidence" perspective, having the actual messages (rather than a
> print-out) is the ideal.
> If you want bidirectionality (continuing to use Gmail while also
> having things local and keeping them in sync), I recommend something
> like "offlineimap" or "mbsync" to pull/sync the mail locally. Once
> it's local you can use a number of tools to manipulate the mail,
> whether Alpine or Mutt to read it interactively, or "notmuch" to
> index it for fast searches.  And since they're just text-files, they
> can be copied, linked, zipped up, and sent to whomever you need.
> -tim
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