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I'm wondering wether people may be interested in finding free software
based accessibility computers in their usual shops. But of course,
"accessibility" vendors, assistive technology providers depend on country.

As you may know, Hypra now has a usable tool, based on Debian, MATE,
Orca, Compiz. With mate-accessibility project, etc.

Generally our process is: person buys somewhere, we call him/her to know
level, needs, desires, then prepare a customized PC, then send it and
train the person (either remotely, or via a local organisation).

My questions:
- would such product/service have sense in your country? Beyond the free
software stuff, this includes in price support and training. But its
relevance depends on how training happens, how services and traditional
products are supported by public money, etc. Any feedback, even in
private, is welcome.
- where do blind/sight impaired people buy their hardware (PC with
screen reader, etc) in your country;
- would such a new thing have a chance to be successful in the sight
impairment people you know in your country?

To sum up, I'd like your feedback about the chance of the product and
the idea to be bought in your country (to support global free software
dev effort). I also would like to know what vendor is the most relevant
in your country to have such product in his catalog.

Thanks for your feedback, bere on private. They will be very important
for me in order to determine how I'll get funding this year, if I should
prefer a non-profit organisation with all limitations related to
voluntering (as investers cannot trust a start-up), if crowd-funding may
have success, and so on.

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