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Sat Jul 1 21:33:48 UTC 2017

With Bookshare books, when you unzip them, you have a pile of
files.  One is the xml file, the content of the book.  There's another
one, named daisyTransform.xsl.
You can use that xsl file to turn the xml into html, with xsltproc:

xsltproc daisyTransform.xsl Book.xml > Book.html

The xsltproc command is probably in a package named libxslt or something

I wrote a little script to convert html to text with elinks, using all
the options and settings I prefer.  It also produces output in UTF-8, so
Unicode characters are faithfully preserved.
By default, elinks indents everything by 3 spaces, which is kind of
annoying.  So you'll want the line

    set document.browse.margin_width = 0

in your config file, either /etc/elinks/elinks.conf or
If there's an existing document.browse.margin_width line, just modify
that one.

Good luck,
-- Chris

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