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Thu Jul 13 19:47:24 UTC 2017

Bill Acker tried on several occasions to compile a RHEL kernel with
Speakup and never succeeded. Of course, this is now some time ago, but
I've not heard of anyone ever getting RHL to speak in the console.

This also goes for Centos.


Linux for blind general discussion writes:
> I Am afraid, that Redhad do not support installation of their enterprise
> product for now.
> But visually impaired users and developers have to be very atient. And in
> some cases, ve are being forced to find new solutions.
> Try to use virtualisation software in combination with OCR engine, which
> will allow you to recognize installers screens. Problem is, if kernel and
> other components are made by The way that screen readers can not access text
> and other information, even installed operating system would be unusable for
> you. There are several screen readers for console environment for Linux
> distros. Including Sbl, Fenrir, Speakup.
> The main question is, if architecture of Redhad enterprise Linux allow
> screen readers users to use their operating system.
> Thanks to build in security restrictions.
> There is special screen reader Linux for blind general discussion napsal(a):
> > Hi
> > 
> > Is Redhat Enterprise installable without sighted help?  Most especially
> > a server version.  If so what is the method for doing so?
> > 
> > Thanks
> > Tom Masterson
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