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While I can agree that freedos might be a poor choice, I do not share your 
thought that Dos and Linux console are the same environment.
Speaking only for myself, at least as I have managed to experience things 
in such a limited way, often it takes three Linux programs to do the work 
of one DOS one.
I  joked  on the Debian development list that  to clap my hands In Linux 
would  need one program for the right, one for the left, and one to bring 
the hands together.
and do not get me started on Linux command  sequences, laughs.
  In fact, personally that is why objective third party learning materials 
books for example, would be helpful for new users in general.
dos commands tend to do the same things, with universal files like 
autoexec.bat and config.sys doing the heavy lifting where loading and 
unloading   drivers and the like are concerned.
In Linux, you must know already, or learn with risks to your system how to 
do things.
When I started using DOS, I trained for two days in person with someone 
and have built on that training for decades.  Something comparative just 
does  not exist for Linux in my view.
And I would gladly pay for it, if it did.
Happy linuxhousewarming though,

On Sat, 3 Jun 2017, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:

> Mark Peveto here,
> I think i'm gonna put my dos project on hold for now, and concentrate on learning the linux console as best I can.  It's not much different than the dos
> environment, so we'll see how I go there.  Seems free dos is a bad choice, and I can't find anything else to use at the moment, so for now I'll just
> hang out in the linux console and learn how to live there.
> Thanks for everyone's input.
> And now, back to our regularly scheduled program.
> Mark Peveto
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