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Sat Jun 3 18:37:33 UTC 2017

Actually I agree with Karen, even though I have been in Linux since 2003, but 
subscribing to shell accounts since 1995. Sure Linux is powerful and because its 
case sensative you can have practicly unlimited amount of file names. My 
problems are ways which man-pages are written. They really don't adequately 
explain to a new user how to use a command. I think I remember the DOS help 
system much simpler. 1 of our LUG members suggested this user driven Linux 
application, called "bro" from
Since I don't have it installed on this laptop, I cannot show an example, but 1 
which I contributed, if you were to type
bro unrar
1 of those 4 suggestions was about useing a wild-card.
In general I was eventually able to understand a DOS batch file, but especially 
since I am not a fan  of punctuation, when Linux man-pages show examples, I tend 
to take them quite literally.
And lastly, I would still love to run my DecTalk U S B with Vocal-Eyes, where I 
was able to enjoy a large exception dictionary. Thanks for listening

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