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archlinux has nano version 2.84 on it now.
Syntax for aptitude is first
aptitude update<cr> then
aptitude safe-upgrade<cr>
That should get you updates without breaking anything and will let you 
know which packages were held back.
If you want to find out why packages were held back
aptitude why packagename<cr> ought to get that done.
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> Subject: Re: working with nano
> I don't know which version of Debian you're running, but I just did
> some quick checks, and:
> Debian oldstable(Wheezy?) and Debian Stable(still Jessie for now
> though I believe Stretch is in Release Candidate) both offer a 2.2.6
> version of nano.
> Debian Testing, which is what I'm running, has a 2.7 version of Nano.
> I don't really follow Nano development, so I have no idea whey the
> version number changed so little during the previous Debian release
> cycle compared to the current one or what changed between 2.2 and 2.7.


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