How many of y'all use Emacspeak?

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Sat Jun 17 15:31:25 UTC 2017

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> Which other email programs and browsers work with emacs? I've had no
> luck with eww. It gives the error that function requires libxml2. I
> have libxml2.

My suspicion is that, although libxml2 is installed on your system, emacs
was not built with support for it.  That's a configure-time option.  If
you're building emacs from source, you'll need to install the -dev package for
libxml2 if your distro does package splitting.  Find the
appropriate configure option by looking at ./configure --help in the
emacs source.  Rebuild and pass that option to ./configure.

I don't know much about what could be going wrong with w3m; I haven't
used it much.  You may get better luck on the emacspeak list.  How is it
failing?  When you try to load it, is there anything interesting in your
*Messages* buffer?  That's a running transcript of the messages that
emacs displays to the user.

As for mail clients, I use gnus.  It's a news reader for Usenet, but it
has support for email.  It took work to set it up.  That work paid off,
and I've been using the same gnus setup with IMAP for many years.

I don't know much about other clients.  You might have better luck
asking on the emacspeak list.  I think there was a discussion recently
about mail clients.  The thread was titled "emacspeak and e-mail".  Try
looking for that in the archives, April 2017 or so?

-- Chris

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