Pilot, as mentioned in my other thread.

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Pilot is a file manager.  The list you saw is the directories in the 
current directory which is followed by any files in it.

Commonly file related commads by entering a single letter which works on 
hughlighted item.

For example if one hits 'e' a new text file is opened.  If one enters a
text file and does the same the editor loads it for editing.

A 'd' deletes, etc. and there is a couple of lines of help at the bottom of 
the screen for the commands.

Some of the configurations for alpine overlap with pilot.  In alpine nano 
can be chosen for the editor in place of pico.  If this isn't done pico is 
the defaulut editor in pilot.

Configurations in alpine can be set within it or by editing directly the 
.pinerc file which is annotated as to each item function. 
Alpine has a 
contextual hlp when on highlighted items in the configuration section of 

The pilot start up
  options can be gotten with:

pilot -h

The man page has more detailed information.
On Sat, 17 Jun 2017, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:

> Mark Here,
> Ok, someone's gotta explain pilot to me.  I started it by typing pilot, but got a list of directories.  How would I use it to edit a text file, or
> possibly in alpine as an editor?
> I'm curious, and that's dangerous!  Hahahahaha!
> in2014
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