Youtube TV Site?

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Wed Jun 21 23:50:49 UTC 2017

Hi All: I understand Google has a $35 monthly subscription to a TV service. So 
first I tried
I only receive 1 link of a frame, which provides a blank page. w3m won't even 
load it, but all other console browsers just have this frame. If I visit 
youtube, around link 17 says something along the lines of get youtube tv or 1 
month free trial. The link at a bottom is
Exactly same results. I even took a look on my Apple TV to see if they had an 
app, other than standard youtube. I certainly would love to see a list of 
channels, especially live news. What would I get which I cannot already stream 
or grab? You would think Google would make its sites alot more friendly. Thanks 
so much in advance

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