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Thu Jun 22 19:51:46 UTC 2017

While it's true that DirecTVNow isn't exactly the most user friendly app 
on either a phone or a Roku device, I can get it to work on both, 
although I did need to use Chromium for the initial signup process, as I 
couldn't even get to the signup page in Firefox without getting a "WHAT 
THE DEUCE" unsupported browser message. Chromium gave me the same 
message whenever I tried to watch something, but I still was able to 
sign up using it.

Having tried Sling, Playstation Vue, DirecTVNow and TikiLive on both 
Android and Roku devices, and having also tried Hulu with live TV on 
Android, I would say that Sling offers the best access on both Android 
and Roku by far, as it is quite accessible and fairly easy to use on 
both devices. Hulu is a fairly close second on Android, but doesn't run 
on Roku yet, although this is "coming soon" according to their list of 
supported devices. Both PlayStation Vue and DirecTVNow  are mostly 
usable on the Roku devices, but the interfaces are a bit less intuitive 
than Sling. On Android, DirecTVNow works, but refuses to cast to a 
Chromecast, and the guide will only tell me what's on, not what channel 
it's on, whereas the Roku will allow me to see a grid of channels, but 
won't tell me what's on them. Playstation Vue is the worst of the lot on 
Android, as not only did I have problems navigating in the guide, but I 
also could find no cast button, even with the latest Android and Google 
Home app. On the other hand, it's clearly my second choice for 
accessibility on Roku devices, and its channel lineup seems more 
comprehensive at the high end than Sling with its far superior UX but 
slightly less comprehensive channel lineup. At the high end though, 
Sling just may beat out PS Vue, although I didn't try the highest 
package with all the extras to see what I would get. For now, I have a 1 
month trial of DirecTVNow that will expire in just under a month, and I 
watch TikiLive's free channels, of which there are many, although few if 
any of those are cable channels. However, cable channels are available 
from TikiLive at a cost of $30/month, and this seems to include a lineup 
that is similar to Youtube TV's offering, but it's available anywhere in 
the US. Hope at least some of this information helps.

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