Installing Linux on the Mac without sighted assitance?

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Wed Jun 28 14:55:11 UTC 2017

This is on my to do list, so I've done some research.

Since you're doing this on a Macintosh host, you probably want to use the
Macintosh disk partitioning utility to start.

If your goal is a dual boot system, you can simply use Boot Camp for
your linux. You'll also be able to access that install from within the
OS X environment using a virtual machine manager like VMware or
VirtualBox on the Mac. Handy.

If you're looking to also support a boot of Microsoft Windows, things
get a bit more complex. I'd recommend googling for something like:

osx "triple boot"



Linux for blind general discussion writes:
> Has anyone partitioned a Mac, installed Linux on one partition and kept
> MacOS on the other?
> What tools should I use?
> Was any part of the process inaccessible?
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