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Is there a chance that these brailled instructions are in BRF? I could read them on my Braille Note Touch as I install Arch. I might end up Dualbeoting Arch and Windows, if possible, for the use of Microsoft Office 365, the PPSSPP Playstation portable emulator, with works well with the Xbox one controller in Windows, and Skype, but that's about all I can think of right now that I need Windows for, and I don't really go on TeamTalk anymore. I find Gnom" to be a little better for me, as I can access Wi-fi from the Top panel, rather than launching WICT and managing its rather inaccessible GUI.

Devin Prater

Assistive Technology Instructor in training at World Services for the BLIND, JAWS certified

On Jun 29, 2017 12:34 PM, Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list at> wrote:
> Did you read the beginners-guide to install archlinux?  It's longer but 
> gives more information. 
> I have developed brailled instructions for installing arch and each time 
> I do that I end up improving those instructions. 
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> >> Hi all. After using Windows for a month, after using Linux for two months, 
> > I've noticed that everything that I do on Windows, I could do on Windows, and 
> > with the Braille note Touch, I can get the Exchange emails from the training 
> > center I'm attending, which mainly uses Windows. So, while in Windows, I 
> > burned a USB drive with the latest Fedora image, using Rufus, making it 
> > bootable. So, The installation went well, but after the computer restarted, 
> > and the flash drive was taken out, no system came up. I've never seen that 
> > happen before, and Googling didn't give any answers, so I'm stuck between 
> > Vinux, and Arch. Vinux being okay I suppose, but out of date, and Arch being 
> > hard for me to install, without scripts although the ones I know of are 
> > broken, but Arch is what I like, because it has anything I ask of it. So I 
> > tried installing Fedora a few more times, formatting the drive, but no luck. 
> > Then I accidentally pulled the flash drive out of the USB drive for a moment, 
> > and when I pushed i 
> >>   t back in, I couldq't load Orca when first starting up the installer, so 
> > the data on that drive is probably corrupted. So, any ideas? Should I just go 
> > with Vinux and deal with it? The last time I tried the instructions for 
> > installing Arch, I got stuck on setting the clock and such, because the 
> > results I got were not the results on the ge, so I'm just not sure what to 
> > do. 
> > 
> > Unfortunately Fedora isn't ready for accessibility at this time. You can 
> > install Debian 9 "Stretch" with braille or speech synthesis : 
> > 
> > 
> > I advise you to choose Mate as desktop environment for its accessibility 
> > and ease of use. 
> > 
> > Best regards. 
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