Sonar GNU/Linux merges with Vinux

Joel Roth joelz at
Thu Mar 16 23:36:45 UTC 2017

Eric Oyen wrote:

> ...we, as a community, don't have an actual unified distro
> to call our own. Sure, Vinux is a decent distro, but it's
> lacking a lot of useful features outside of accessibility.
> I, myself, use Ubuntu primarily because of the larger
> software repository. I have also had to help out my room
> mate (who is definitely a Linux NewB) and Ubuntu was the
> easiest to use.

Hi Eric,

I'm not sure how things are at present, but in the past,
Debian has shown some commitment to supporting
accessibility[1], including at the installer level[2].

This is not the same as a special-purpose distribution, and
I think the pages were written some time ago. Still I would
think that some effort would be worthwhile, and would
benefit all Debian derivatives, which could include
a accessbility-centric distribution. 




Joel Roth

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