asking for guidance on length of line in terminal

Janina Sajka janina at
Sat Mar 18 14:04:30 UTC 2017

Thanks, Samuel and all!

I hadn't realized it's now this easy to adjust console font and
resolution. The last time I delved into these matters one had to
discover available resolutions and set them during boot. On the fly
adjustment sounds much friendlier! <grin>

I'm personally content with my 64 by 175 consoles, but when I try to do
some task with sighted friends and colleagues, they understandably
complain about the print they can't read. To assist them I think I'll
gen up a few setting adjustments into a script file.


Samuel Thibault writes:
> Hello,
> Al Sten-Clanton, on ven. 17 mars 2017 22:25:48 -0400, wrote:
> > I'm virtually certain those are the settings from installing; I'm
> > using Debian Jesse.  When I ran "stty sane", the settings stayed the
> > same.
> You can use e.g. "stty cols 80 rows 25" to change the number of lines &
> cols. It will prevent you from exceeding what is possible with the
> screen resolution.
> > I'd like to have a high number of lines,
> You can change the font to achieve this.
> Now, in Debian, both can be configured in /etc/default/console-setup,
> see "man 5 console-setup"
> Samuel
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