installing bsd with speech

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Thu Mar 23 02:32:49 UTC 2017

On March 22, 2017, Eric Oyen wrote:
> I have been a pro user of OpenBSD for years. It was a lot easier to
> use when all I had to deal with was low vision on a big display.
> Pros to OpenBSD:
> 1. best firewall out there, hands down


> 2. application jails
> 3. server jails

Could you point me to info on this?  I know that OpenBSD has chroot
and a few other features like systrace, but I haven't seen anything
comparable to FreeBSD's full jails.

> 5. able to run on 2 GB or less reliably

This is a nice plus.  FreeBSD (without ZFS) can do this, as can at
least Debian as I have several boxes with 2GB of RAM or less.  Though
I'd note that OpenBSD can run remarkably comfortably in 256MB of RAM
which is a lot harder for other OSes to do.

> 6. takes minimal disk space for all but an X-desktop installation

even with X, it's pretty svelte.  I just installed a fresh OpenBSD
with X but no additional packages yet, and the entire install clocks
in at under 570MB.  Foregoing X saves you about 200MB.


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