command line fan fiction program?

Jeffery Mewtamer mewtamer at
Thu Mar 23 15:25:05 UTC 2017

A quick Google search tells me that {1..30} in the url will tell wget
to download everything in the range 1 to 30. So, the appropriate
command for mass downloading a story from might look something


replacing anything in [] with the appropriate values.

Here's the link I got this info from:

which also provides an example of using a for loop for the same thing
and a while loop for when you don't know the end value of the
range(persumably, the loop runs until wget fails from a 404 file not
found error, though has a chapter not found page that might
result in an infinite loop). You may still need to manually load the
first chapter to get the story ID, title, and number of chapters, but
this is still less work than manually loading and saving every

Please note: I don't have much experience using wget and haven't
tested any of this. Still, I'm pretty sure the worse that could happen
with wget is downloading the wrong files.


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