installing bsd with speech

Jeffery Mewtamer mewtamer at
Wed Mar 29 11:30:05 UTC 2017

The Sense U2 sounds like quite the capable device, though it's
firmware being Windows based(even if CE doesn't suck as hard as
desktop versions) does seem like a pretty big limiting factor(though
that might just be my pro Linux bias speaking). Been hoping Hims would
release a firmware upgrade that adds text editing and web browsing to
the Blaze ET almost since getting it(please tell me the Blaze firmware
has a different base from the sense firmware and they aren't just
withholding apps from their less expensive devices). I take it that
the Sense has a form factor similar to a Braille-n-Speak or Braille
Note(I know such things are ancient when it comes to technology, but
high school was the last time I interacted on a daily basis with
braille users and I graduated nearly 12 years ago, so I'm a bit out of
the loop on these things).


Jeffery Wright
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