Off Topic: list for blind people doing devops/sys admin including windows

John G Heim jheim at
Wed Mar 29 17:09:54 UTC 2017

I'd like to promote the list at talk at That is the 
International Association Of Visually Impaired Technologists. I'll dmit 
the traffic is really light.  To subscribe, send a message to 
talk-subscribe at

There is a more active list at blind-sysadmins at 
I believe the Hodgson family is that of someone on the list. Beyond 
that, I don't know who sponsors that list.

And finally, there is the CS list of the NFB, nfbcs at That 
list is much as it sounds, more of a CS list than an IT professionals 
list. But there are a lot of sys admin and programming questions as well.

On 03/29/2017 11:55 AM, Tom Masterson wrote:
 > I would like to talk to some folks about devops type work involving both
 > linux and windows and cloud type stuff.  I have some training but
 > haven't ever touched windows in that respect and would like to know how
 > accessible it is etc.
 > thanks
 > Tom
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