Blind vs. mainstream distros

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Mon May 1 19:06:53 UTC 2017

According to Samuel
# I'm not saying that things are happening rightly ATM, but saying that
# things just always go that way in Debian is misleading, it's only MATE
# maintainers which seemingly don't proceed as they are supposed to.
Unfortunately this is far from my experience, as the first time I saw 
this was dealing with GNOME about 10 years ago, and although this 
problem does tend to come and go, component packages do seem to come 
into Unstable in an installable but incoherent way, and even migrate 
into testing in much the same state. This seems to happen most with 
GNOME, but as you pointed out, it also happens to MATE too many times 
for me to say it's just a minor inconsistency that happens rarely enough 
that it isn't much of a problem.

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