Blind vs. mainstream distros

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Mon May 1 20:42:23 UTC 2017

Samuel here,

Luke, on mar. 02 mai 2017 06:36:14 +1000, wrote:
> Luke Yelavich here, reply inline.
> > The technical reason is merely that it needs implemeting withing
> > syslinux: that requires sound drivers and whatnot, while the BIOS itself
> > provides the support for beeps.  So it's feasible, just needs to be done.
> We also have to keep the move to UEFI in mind for X86 systems. I have a 
> machine here with UEFI, and it does not have a speaker, and even booting a 
> legacy BIOS image, it does not beep.

Ergl.  I don't think it's related with UEFI, my laptop beeps fine with

But that's worrying that they are even removing that beep.  We thus need
to help phcoder finishing sound support in grub...


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