an old artic transport

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Mon May 8 23:18:25 UTC 2017

Speechd-up is for software speech using speech-dispatcher. 
Speech-dispatcher currently has no code for a hardware speech 
synthesizer. Your best bet is to try to find the correct Speakup driver 
for your Transport and modprobe it. I'm not familiar with the hardware 
synthesizer modules in Speakup, as I only ever used ltlk I think it was 
and dtk, also a guess, since it's been so long. I thought there was a 
module called txp or txprt or something for the Transport, but I can't 
remember if that's right, or if it had another name. To use it by 
default, you would put its name on a single line in 
/etc/modules-load.d/anynameatall.conf. I would suggest speakup.conf as 
the filename can be anything with a .conf extension, but that helps 
finding it later. This will load the correct module at boot time.

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