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Tony Baechler here. I've been out of action due to bad migraines, so I 
understand. The command I gave you was shorthand. You have to fill in the 
full name of the .deb package, making sure you have it downloaded first. You 
have to be root or use sudo. I should be better about giving the full 
command with the full filename, but I assumed people would know this. Again, 
as always, there is no warranty, but it should work fine with Ubuntu and 
Debian derivatives.

On 5/12/2017 3:09 PM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Mark Peveto here,
> I'll come back in the morning and see what responses I get.  I still get errors when I use dpkg -i, no matter what I do.  If OS notes help, running vinux 5.1.
> ]
> Mark Peveto
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> On Wed, 10 May 2017, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>> Tony Baechler here.
>> You first need a kernel package with the latest Speakup patches or you won't
>> have any hardware speech. You want the linux-image 4.10.7-2 package. Just
>> install it with "sudo dpkg -i linux-image*". It should work fine in Ubuntu,
>> but use at your own risk.
>> Second, you add just this single line to /etc/modules:
>> speakup_txprt
>> Finally, you make sure there aren't other modules like speakup_soft and you
>> disable espeakup, speechd-up, etc from starting. You shouldn't need software
>> speech. Reboot and see what happens. If it doesn't work, post here. Look at
>> the dmesg output and see if it had an obvious problem. It should start talking
>> early in the boot process.
>> On 5/8/2017 4:54 PM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>>> Mark Peveto here,
>>> Where would I find said Module.  More info, please?
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