testing debian

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Tue May 16 13:08:45 UTC 2017

Tony Baechler here.

If you're going to use Orca, I suggest Ubuntu MATE instead. Otherwise, you 
really want at least Debian testing. Jessie is very stable, but packages 
will be old. I'm running testing here without Orca and I've had no problems. 
The live CD runs testing. I suggest upgrading to testing unless you really 
need solid stability and don't mind packages being old.

On 5/16/2017 5:43 AM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Reguarding the debian list, yeah, I noticed.  As far as the kernels, i'll get yours later thos mornin, then, and see how far I get.
> I'm using the latest debian met install.  i don't think it's testing...I think it's the latest version of Jessie.

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