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Tue May 16 20:41:23 UTC 2017

Some context for debian-accessibility people:

On the blinux list, it was asked:

> Is there any way to get on a general debian list at without
> ending up on all the bug trackers and such?

Only then I realized that these development trackers & co might be a
burden for people, and so

> Maybe we should move those to another mailing list, so people can
> opt-in only if they wish to.

I've now requested the creation of the pkg-a11y-devel list on
Alioth, which should happen within 6-24 hours.  I'll notify the
debian-accessibility@ list when that's done so people can subscribe to
it if they wish.  I'll migrate package notifications to it once Stretch
is released (since that requires package upload, so better not bug
debian-release people with that).


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