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Thu May 18 10:52:09 UTC 2017

Tony Baechler here.

No thanks are necessary. I have a slight hearing loss and I don't like 
software speech, especially ESpeak in particular. I'm so glad I have a 
DECtalk Express, a Litetalk and a Trippletalk. I wouldn't give up hardware 
speech for the world. As much as I appreciate the thanks, the real credit 
goes to Samuel and the Speakup list. It has been a long road and the journey 
isn't done yet, but it looks like serial support might again work with 
Speakup in the latest kernels. It's just a matter of the patches being 
accepted upstream and entering staging. I can't take any credit for their 
work. I'm most definitely not a programmer. All I do is apply their patches 
to the kernel source and compile. I ran kernel 2.6.32 for years just for 
working hardware speech.

Regarding the GUI, I have bad news. I don't know of a way to use any 
hardware speech. A module for Speech Dispatcher would have to be written, 
but I don't think anyone has done any work in that area. I keep hoping 
someone will as the main reason why I don't switch to Linux and Orca full 
time is due to the lack of hardware speech. In my case, it doesn't matter 
how good software speech is due to my high frequency hearing loss. Nothing 
compares to having real hardware speech. If you ever find a way to get 
hardware speech to work in the GUI, I would be thrilled.

On 5/17/2017 10:46 AM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Mark Peveto here, I just wanted to say publicly...Tony, thanks buddy.  Artic is working perfectly in the console now.  I wish I could get it to work in
> the gui, but I'm thrilled with this. I also want to thank everyone for their contributions as far as answers to my questions.  Much of my stuff's
> probably trivial to a lot of folks, but yall helped me get this going. Thanks.

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