Seamonkey work faster with Orca

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Wed May 31 15:09:16 UTC 2017

Dear users and developers,
I AM using latest stable Fedora Gnome workstation with Orca and I have 
also installee Seamonkey. Because I have found out, that if I activate 
link on Google site, users with screen reading software click here. That 
Orca work much more faster after filling out Google search form. Firefox 
produces strange delays while using arrow keys while search Google.
Seamonkey also support Email and HTM pages creation. But thanks to 
At-spi limitations, do not use long lists of E-mail messages. Orca will 
frooze. But you can use filter by readed messages, it is The radio 
button which is focusable.
I AM using Seamonkey for 10 years and It is good and stable program. I 
had never issues related to random data lost from The E-mail folders.
And HTMl editor is very accessible. And by The way, it is also possible 
to use reliable IRC based addon with Seamonkey.

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