Seamonkey work faster with Orca

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Is it possible to use webvisum with seamonkey?  If so, that may be a 
good reason to dump firefox in addition to others already given.

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> Subject: Seamonkey work faster with Orca
> Dear users and developers,
> I AM using latest stable Fedora Gnome workstation with Orca and I have also 
> installee Seamonkey. Because I have found out, that if I activate link on 
> Google site, users with screen reading software click here. That Orca work 
> much more faster after filling out Google search form. Firefox produces 
> strange delays while using arrow keys while search Google.
> Seamonkey also support Email and HTM pages creation. But thanks to At-spi 
> limitations, do not use long lists of E-mail messages. Orca will frooze. But 
> you can use filter by readed messages, it is The radio button which is 
> focusable.
> I AM using Seamonkey for 10 years and It is good and stable program. I had 
> never issues related to random data lost from The E-mail folders.
> And HTMl editor is very accessible. And by The way, it is also possible to 
> use reliable IRC based addon with Seamonkey.
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