Slint 14.2.1rc2, last call for testing.

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Le 11/11/2017 à 18:07, Linux for blind general discussion a écrit :
> what desktop does it use by default?

By default it's lxde, although the first time you use lightdm (in run
level 4) will start blackbox by the fisrt time, but you can change that.

Anyway, I recommend to choose the console mode rather than graphical
when asked during installation, to more easily make a11y settings.

After installation type:
as regular user to choose one of those included. As reminder
kde, (read below)
twm (not really accessible because of its focus model)

I remind that Maté is fully accessible, and that you can add it just
running after installation as root:
slapt-get -u
slapt-get --install-set mate

You can run xwmconfig anytime to change the graphical environment used.

The setting you make (as regular user) with xwmconfig will be applied
both when starting in console mode then going graphical typing startx,
as starting directly in graphical mode using lightdm.

Type runlevelconfig any time as regular user to choose to start in
console or in graphical mode.

> also is kde desktop accessible?
As far as I can tell, only some kde apps are accessible with orca, like

You can start them using the run... dialog typing Alt+F2 from any
graphical environment but fluxbox, or from a panels' menu with Alt+F1. 
> will voxin work?
I don't know. I will contact the Oralux assciation and if I can get the
source code for free (just for testing) I will try.

Of course I can't ship a package in Slint, as it's not free.
I will ask them if they are willing to provide a package suitable for
Slint that I could help them building.



> On 11/11/2017 6:07 AM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>> Slint 14.2.1rc2, last call for testing.
>> Last call means "all bug reports and comments posted before Monday 18
>> November 2017 will be looked at before the official release."
>> The ISO is here:
>> Most prominent change: lightdm replaces lxdm as display manager.
>> This allows to make Slint fully accessible with speech and braille, now
>> also at runlevel 4, i.e. starting directly a graphical environment after
>> log in.
>> Some KDE apps like lokalize (not the KDE desktop itself) are now also
>> accessible.
>> On the other hand installing KDE is now optional.
>> emacspeak as speechd-el are included, so emacs has now three ways to
>> speak, including espeakup. You may use all three at the same time, if
>> you don't fear cacophony...
>> A documentation for each package is installed in
>> /usr/doc/package-<version>.
>> As a reminder, MATE can be easily added to Slint, with these commands
>> typed as root:
>> slept-get -u
>> slapt-get --install-set mate
>> It is fully accessible with speech, as much as possible with braille.
>> Please read carefully the relevant documents before installing or
>> upgrading and testing:
>> Before installing:
>> More specifically about accessibility:
>> If you who have already installed Slint64-14.2 or slint64-14.2.1RC and
>> prefer to upgrade than isntall anew, you should also read:
>> More specifically, folks having installed Slint64-4.2.1RC are encouraged
>> to also read:
>> I am looking forward for your feedback and questions.
>> Greetings,
>> Didier
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