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Mon Nov 20 20:01:35 UTC 2017


Found a fix, will test it now, thanks Peter.



Le 20/11/2017 à 16:27, Peter Vágner a écrit :
> Hello,
> I have just found out yetanother installer veirdness.
> Installer is designed in a way so steps should be executed in almost the
> same order like the menu items are ordered on the initial screen.
> Keyboard layout, partitioning, relaunching the setup, setting target device
> including fstab, source media selection and finally the actual install.
> I have just found when you execute source media selection before target
> device selection the installer will force the source media selection step
> eventhough it has already been passed. Subsequent executions of source
> media selection will fail thus it is necessery to exit the setup and start
> it again.
> I know it sounds as if I was too picky however frankly I don't care that
> much, I just wish to make sure it's known eventhough this is a minor
> cosmetic issue.
> Greetings
> Peter
> 2017-11-11 20:21 GMT+01:00 Didier Spaier <didier at slint.fr>:
>> Le 11/11/2017 à 14:07, Didier Spaier a écrit :
>>> Slint 14.2.1rc2, last call for testing.
>>> Last call means "all bug reports and comments posted before Monday 18
>>> November 2017 will be looked at before the official release."
>> Please read instead:
>> "before Monday 20 November 2017"
>> Didier
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