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Dear list member
You check with accessible coconut.You can download it from
Dear friends’,
We are very happy to announce the release of accessible coconut 16.4.22.
Accessible coconut is a Gnu/Linux based operating system customised to
meet the challenges caused  by impaired vision.
Special features of the release..
1. All the libraries in the world are accessible before the visually
challenged. Linux intelligent o.c.r  solution. Lios is a tool
developed by our team which can help a person to read printed
materials in almost all the prominent languages of the world including
Indian languages like Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, etc. Lios has all the
facilities required for a standard o.c.r tool such as pdf conversion
image conversion, go to page, go to line, page settings, and like.

2. Ibus sharada braille, a system wide application for producing text.
One can use six key approach for Brailler mode,  for producing text in
different languages.  Letter f, d, s, j, k, l represent the six dots
of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, of braille and we can use different combinations
for different letters.
   Contractions. All the contractions in English is there in the tool
as default. And again, one can create any number of contractions and
abbreviations of one’s own choice in any language. We have provided a
language editor, abbreviation editor, and a preference to select any
key to represent the braille dots. We have also provided seven and
eight keys to support languages like Japanees, and Chainees. One hand
We have added a feature which helps a person with one hand to use ibus
sharada braille.

3. Tuxtype and tux maths accessibility.
Tuxtype is a sophisticated program, to practice typing in different
languages, and it is written in sdl. We have made it accessible and
one can learn typing in a game like way.
  We have added a six key component in it and it is available as
tuxtype braille.
4. tuxmaths.
Tuxmaths is a game for practicing basic mathematical skills.
5. Chess accessibility.
We have made Xboard accessible Xboard an application for playing chess
using different chess engines.
6. accessible musical instrument.
We have provided speech support for lmms an ingenious music player and editor.
7. spreadsheet.
A visually challenged person can use open office spreadsheet for all
the computational purposes.
8. continuous speech in reading.
 In the distribution we have  made continuous reading, very smooth.
On 11/25/17, Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list at> wrote:
> Hi,
> My name is Gianni. I am blind and I live in Belgium.
> I use a Mac with voiceover at home and a windows computer with Jaws at
> work.
> I would like to switch to Linux. I use a a"omputer for: email, facebook, web
> browsing, music, watch video, word, excel.
> Mac and windows are both not fully accessible and are getting slow
> sometimes. And I am very interested in what a Linux can do.
> So I would like to make the switch to Linux.
> My questions are:
> 1. Is it possible?
> 2. Is the accessibility ok?
> 3. Is it correct that Ubuntu mate is the best system for us?
> 4. How do I make a usb stick to reboot my Mac with Linux?
> 5. When I restart after I am in Linux, does my Mac react normal again after
> using Linux?
> Gianni
> Skype: giannijuve
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