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Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2017 17:31:47
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Subject: [orca-list] Fenrir 1.5 Released

Here's the release statement for Fenrir 1.5:

# Fenrir 1.5

## a user space console screen reader  (Python3)

### Availability

The latest [stable branch][1.5] of [Fenrir][fenrir] is now available. There have
been numerous enhancements and bug fixes since the last release. Also, the
project is now installable via [pip][pip]. In addition, several distros offer
[Fenrir][fenrir] in their repositories. Arch Linux users may install either the
[latest stable branch][aur-stable] or [master branch][aur-git] packages.

### Features

* Does not rely on kernel modules making it ideal for distributions that do not
include staging drivers
* Works well even on minimal hardware
* Configurable laptop and desktop keyboard layouts
* Built-in spellchecking
* Configurable speech and sound output with multiple drivers for both
* Configurable feedback; hear only what you want to hear
* helper scripts to help configure pulseaudio
* Easy to use script system
* Easy to extend
* bookmarks
* full featured clipboard system with history and ability to export to file or
the X session (using xclip)
* Built-in man page for quick and easy help
* Application built-in help with the shortcut fenrir+f1 
### New in  1.5

* initial working setup.py
* available via pip (python packet manager, "sudo pip3 install
* leave review on typing * add dependency check (check-dependencys.py)
* Add nice dummy drivers as template or for debugging
* reimplement detection code for X11
* initial translate structure (manuelcortez Thanks!)  * add a configurable place
where you can place own commands or overwrite existing commands without need to
change default code
* implement autodetection of plugged and unplugged input devices * implement
generic speechdriver
* try to autodetect encoding (Easy for contribution) (Prototype "charmapTTY" in
play zone)
* initial BrlTTY driver
* Inital Braille support (Still WIP) * move to an event based system
* add initial multithreading/ multiprocessing support
* support cli parameters
  * add cli parameter for debugging "-d"
  * add cli parameter to overwrite options "-o"
  * add cli parameter to specify an settings.conf "-s"
* list of bound commands in Tutorial Mode using arrow keys. speak name, binding
and description.
* a lot of bugfixing
* experimental SELinux rules
### Live Support

Help is available on IRC at arc.talkabout.cf in the #a11y room. [Voice
chat][mumble] is also available.

[1.5]: https://github.com/chrys87/fenrir/releases/tag/1.5
[pip]: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/fenrir-screenreader/
[aur-stable]: https://aur.archlinux.org/pkgbase/fenrir/
[aur-git]: https://aur.archlinux.org/pkgbase/fenrir-git/
[mumble]: mumble://mumble.linux-a11y.org/a11y/?version=1.2.0
Storm Dragon
Linux accessibility community: https://linux-a11y.org/
24 hour IRC support: irc.linux-a11y.org #a11y
Voice chat and support: mumble.linux-a11y.org

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