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It work with Lxde with some mods, for cli browsers there's load of
options but not all perfect, also fbcmd is an option for facebook...

2017-10-07 22:09 UTC−04:00, Linux for blind general discussion
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> I'm not a braille user, Orca is the only python application I use, and
> I dislike having to install software I won't be using. For those
> running a full desktop environment, it probably doesn't make much
> difference, but considering I do everything but web browsing from the
> command line and that Orca, Firefox, and their combined dependencies
> account for the majority of what's on my root partition and probably
> an even larger share of my RAM and CPU usage, I feel like the only
> viable solution I found thus far is rather bloated and is somewhat
> akin to using an Office Suite when a text editor would get the job
> done.
> That said, I have zero expectations that my opinions will have any
> impact on the pathOrca development will take, but if I had the skill,
> time, and dedication to work on such a project or the money to hire a
> dedicated team of suitably skilled coders, a fork of Orca with goals
> of greater modularity, reducing its dependency on Python and other
> optional libraries, and improving compatibility with LXDE would be on
> the list of contributions I'd want to make to accessibility.
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> Jeffery Wright
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> Former Secretary, Student Government Association, College of the Albemarle.
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