improving braille support in Orca.

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Sun Oct 8 17:46:33 UTC 2017

I don’t know which of the program to improve for what i want.
I would like to see more improvements in general navigation which means that orca should be able to mute speech and still use braille without having to lift your hands from the display to the keyboard.
So you should be able to navigate the desktop environment such as dialogs and menus and the desktop itself without first activating the review cursor from the keyboard and then move your hands back to the display and fiddling around with the keyboard on one hand and the display on the other.
Also websupport or maybe support for firefox need improving.
For example:
I have debian stretch installed on my pc and using mate with firefox esr.
I was trying to install a plugin with braille only which did not work for me so i gave things up.
I will check if this works with speech and i guess it will.

> 8 okt. 2017 kl. 02:35 skrev Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list at>:
> Hello,
> Linux for blind general discussion, on dim. 08 oct. 2017 00:25:27 +0200, wrote:
>> I have tried to contact the orca dev about a better braille support but she claims that this is a brltty problem and the brltty dev claims its an orca problem so what do i do then?
> I don't remember seeing this discussion.  Which feature are you talking
> about exactly?  Some things need improvement in brltty and other things
> need improvements in orca.
> Samuel
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