reply to my message concerning the survey

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Wed Oct 11 21:03:38 UTC 2017

Yes, and this is exactly my point. How do they know how many people use 
Orca, or any Linux OS/screen reader at all for that matter, if they 
refuse to list even one, as if it's not even worth their time? As I 
said, utter garbage. Since they have stated in no uncertain terms that 
the OS and screen reader(s) we use here are a complete waste of their 
time, then their crappy survey is a complete waste of our time, and 
their organization should no longer be trusted when it comes to 
determining best practices for web development, assuming anyone followed 
their Microsoft/Apple propaganda anyway. I for one will never again fill 
out one of their incomplete surveys, and I will be letting anyone who 
develops a website know that there are more trustworthy organizations, 
or better yet, individuals, who can let them know what we need in order 
to use their websites far better than some incomplete survey that 
intentionally skews its survey response numbers to favor Apple, 
Microsoft and finally Google, which itself took more than long enough.

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