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All of those chmod 755 filename commands can be rewritten as chmod +x 
An additional section in the accessibility document on testing your iso 
probably will be helpful since this isn't yet a torrent iso integrity 
problems can happen using either wget or curl.  When I used wget to get 
the iso, I used:
wget -bc filename.iso
a wget-log file got created against which I ran two commands.
first was wc -l wget-log and the number that returned as it increased 
told me the file size was increasing.
When the wc -l wget-log command stopped returning increasing numbers, I 
then used:
tail -3 wget-log|grep -i "saved"
and got the saved file name and its size returned.
The startup procedure for startx I automated earlier.
Cut here.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# file: - xorg run script.
sudo -H systemctl stop espeakup
startx 2>&1 >startx.log
sudo -H systemctl start espeakup

For me this provides a much cleaner start for x and also creates a log 
file of any error that might appear on the way up into x.

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>> You're correct that was a typo on my part.
>> Let's see if the directions for this can be made simpler.  If a person
>> can use an editor edit /etc/slapt-get/slapt-getrc and locate the
>> SOURCE= line with slint in it.  On that line, change 14.2 to testing
>> then save the file and exit.
>> That is what I did after a re-install and had only firefox as an
>> update and I went into lxde and ran firefox after the upgrade and the
>> accessibility problems I had with firefox yesterday disappeared.
>> So for now, I think we're all golden.
> I have just edited the directions in: 
> Please let me know if any changes are still needed, as well as in
> More general feedback if of course still welcome.
> Cheers,
> Didier
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