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Thanks, it does.  I have tesseract though I haven't yet had occassion to 
use it until now.

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> What you're looking for is Ocular Character Recognition, OCR for
> short, software. The two available for Linux I know of are Tesseract
> and Cuneiform. I haven't much experience with Tesseract, but its been
> a while since I used Cuneiform and if I remember correctly, Cuneiform
> produced gibberish about as often as anything useful and had to be
> installed from the Universe repository under Debian. I also remember
> reading somewhere that its recommended to do certain manipulations
> with imagemagick before feeding an image to OCR, but I forget the
> details.
> Sorry I'm short on specifics, but hopefully this gives you enough of a
> starting point to find useful tutorials for getting the most out of
> OCR.


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