run linux on a android tablet

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Tue Oct 24 18:51:00 UTC 2017

I have heard of ArchLinuxARM running from a chroot on a tablet or phone, 
but I'm not sure that desktop applications would run. There are VNC 
applications that run a full Ubuntu or similar in a chroot, complete 
with a desktop, and display it on screen using VNC, but it doesn't 
speak, because the VNC protocol carries no audio. X2go may help there, 
as its protocol does carry audio, but I haven't tested it yet. If you 
just want a shell, you may be able to run an ARM version of Linux, I 
know for sure of Fedora, Arch, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE and Debian being able to 
run on ARM devices in a chroot using a terminal emulator, assuming you 
can find one that allows you to read the output of your commands using 
Imepelekwa kutoka ofisi yangu

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