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Why all fokus here goes to phone?
My main question was for tablets

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Please keep in mind, That Speakup is also part of The Linux kernel. I do 
not assume, that kernel module can be injected to The edxisting kernel 
in RAM with no need to path The file with kernel inside flash memory of 
The phone.
Making screen reader, console based screen reader for Android is not so 
easy as it seems to be.
In fact, Android device do not support hodkeys like Linux desktop 
systems to access one of The virtual consoles. May be, that console 
daemon can allow this inside desktop variants of Linux.
I think, that normal user of Android will not get in touch with Linux 
console, unless some crytical bug will kill The X server.
But normal user will very probably hold power button for 10 15 seconds 
and user will reboot The phone.
Sure, there are many various emulators. Everybody can try all of them on 
Google play, but how many of them will support screen readers? So you 
will be able to read The input line for typing commands and especially 
The result of every commands?

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