archlinux gnome and orca package

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Wed Sep 6 19:32:34 UTC 2017

I have gnome and gnome-extra on the system and removed mate and mate-extra 
by now.  I have managed to login with gnome and proved it by running 
gnome-terminal then using the backspace key a few times until I heard 
repeated beeps each time I hit the key.  I ran speaker-test inside 
gnome-terminal and heard static on speakers too.
Unfortunately, orca for archlinux is packaged incorrectly since when 
started even under these conditions orca does not talk at all but only 
shows its setup screen.
Also, orca.desktop file did not come in the orca package and that may or 
may not contribute to the problems.  running orca, orca --replace, and 
alt-super-s in turn failed to bring orca up talking.


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