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I am using the logitech media server and the available hard- and 
software players since years and for me it is the ultimate to listen to 
music at home and at work.

The logitech media server software is written in perl, so it is running 
on many plattforms. There are linux packages for apt and rpm based 
systems available. The current stable release is 7.9.1 and downloads 
can be found here:

The software is highly conffigurable and it can be extended by plugins 
for various music services, e.g. spotify, tidal, deezer, tunein. There 
are many other plugins, for example to get a system which is AirPlay 
ready, which can stream music from upnp servers, e.g. And of course 
music files, which are stored localy, can be played too.

To play music, players have to connect to the logitechmedia server 
software. There were hardware players available, but since some years no 
new players are not longer produced by Logitech, but in different stores 
hardware players are still offered and e.g. on eBay you can get older 
players from other users. In adition to the hardware players, some 
software players are available. Ther is the piCore player, which can 
easily installed on a raspberry and for linux systems there is a 
software player called squeezelite. Also smartphones can be used as a 

If you have the server software installed you can do the configuration 
tasks via a webinterface and if a player is connected you can start to 
stream the music also via the webinterface or via different smartphone 
apps. For iOS devices iPeng is the best app to control the system. The 
webinterface is sometimes a bit tricky to handle, but there are 
different skins and the classic skin can easyly be used with Firefox or 
in most cases even with w3m on linux. iPeng, the iOS smartphone app, is 
fully accessible, I am in contact with the developer and he is taking 
care that the app can be used with VoiceOver without problems.

At work on my linux laptop I am using the logitech media server software 
and squeezelite to listen to spotify and / or deezer with squeezelite, 
both installed on the same system. At home I have different hardware 
players and the server software is installed on my homeserver.

There is a big helpfull community active around the logitech / 
slimdevices system, which can be reached via

Many boards from the webforum are also synced to mailinglists. The lists 
can be found here:

I hope, I was able to explain the logitech media server system and its 
possibilities in some short words. If something is not clear or if you 
have further questions, just ask. As said, for me this system is the 
most powerfull and most flexible music system I know and allthough no 
hardware players are produced anymore and Logitech has stopped to sell 
those players, the system is still alive and the community is still very 
active and keeps the system up and running.

Cheers and all the best fro Munich,


Christian Schoepplein - <chris (at)> -

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