almost got gdm and mate working on archlinux

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Fri Sep 8 11:37:34 UTC 2017

Last time I tried to get GDM to pass audio access on to Orca, I discovered I
needed to restart speech-dispatcher to get it to work.

Also, you should check the uid/gid for both GDM and the desktop
speech-dispatcher process. When I was last trying to get this working, I
discovered a discrepency there as well.



Linux for blind general discussion writes:
> I got things up to login and did that and got the screen-saver after that.
> When I ran orca I had sighted assistance looking at the screen and orca did
> not come up talking.  It did show all of its settings on screen though.  As
> a result, I removed mate and mate-extra and orca and brltty and dependencies
> from the system.  I think I'll need to remove whatever screen-saver programs
> gnome and/or mate normally install before turning those on next time
> Archlinux has orca 3.24 on it if anyone is interested in the version of that
> package that ran that way.  espeak did work before gdm started up too so
> sound and speech on the command line level is working.
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