startx missing twm and xclock

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Sun Sep 10 13:16:30 UTC 2017

Okay, I found out Xorg --configure needs to be run as root to do a boot 
strap configuration.  I also found Xorg did a segmentation fault at 
address 0x50 not too far into the process and died.  For that reason, 
I've cleared gnome and xorg and associated packages from my system 
including any configurations they may have left.  At this point, I 
figure before I try this again I want to start with a known state.  I 
wrote a script to handle this and am glad I did that since even after 
gnome is removed from the system it somehow leaves lots of packages 
behind.  These I discovered using yaourt -Syua and taking note of the 
error statements that were thrown then adding those extra packages to 
the script.  On my system for some reason, wpa_supplicant was also 
removed but I have the install disk so was able to fix that.  Also all
  dvd burning tools were removed so I put those back as well.
Interestingly, once all of these packages got removed from the system, 
vlc suddenly played files ithout xcb error true coming up each time it 
was run.

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> Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2017 06:17:54
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> Subject: Re: startx missing twm and xclock
> For reference, here's my ~/.xinitrc. I don't claim all these directives
> are still necessary. Things change, but my startx is still working
> reliably for me on Arch Linux:
> export SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN="gtk"
> export GTK_MODULES=gail:atk-bridge
> exec gnome-session
> Linux for blind general discussion writes:
>> Is xclock useable in screen reader accessibility context for xorg?  What is
>> the best choice for a wm for screen reader accessibility context?  With
>> startx, how is it run so startx goes into configuration mode?  For this last
>> question startx writes output to stderr and I haven't yet been able to
>> capture it with less so I can examine it in detail.
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