Digitizing audio cassettes and extracting the contents of digital cartridges.

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APH used to sell a 4-track player/recorder.  It also had the 2 speeds and 
analog VSC (variable speech control) as well.
I also seem to recall that there was another one called the talkman.
I actually owned the APH one.

On Wed, 13 Sep 2017, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:

> I still have one of those cassette decks, and compared to that, the
> cartridge player is downright tiny. That said, while I think it a
> shame there was never(at least to my knowledge) a walkman-style
> cassette player capable of playing single tracks or adjusting playback
> speed, those yellow bricks are actually quite compact compared to most
> of the non-Walkman-style cassette players I remember from my
> childhood(Less awkward to lug around than even a mini boombox for
> sure), and while Wikipedia informs me Sony released the original
> Walkman in the late 70s, it was the mid-90s before I ever saw a
> pocket-sized media player of any kind, and while I'm not sure when the
> NLS Cassette deck first came out, I'd assume its older than me
> considering it features in some of my earliest memories(for reference,
> I was born in 1986).
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