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Tue Sep 19 14:29:41 UTC 2017

Hi, Jean-Philippe MENGUAL there.

I had introduced here one year ago kali-tts, that you did feedbacks that
it was not much better than Mbrola. And I think you are right.

But on September, Hypra released a new voice category based on Voxygen.
You can test then on It is in French, but simple: search
for "test" string, or press c to reach the combo box with testable
choices. Then, choose it, and it will display a sentence in the
appropriate language, and you can change it. You cannot change tts
parameters, but you can get a trial release in your language contacting
Hypra. Here packs and persons:

- French:

Agnès, Arnaud, Fabienne, Lionel, Philippe

- English UK:

Bronwen, Elizabeth, Freddy, Judith, Paul

- English US:

Amanda, Bruce, Jenny, Phil

- Italian:

Luca, Sonia

- Spanish:

Martha, Pedro

- German may be available as well.

Any test is welcome. I think we really reach a high level of quality
naturally speaking, next to Akapela or Nuance. Of course and
unfortunately, such engines are not free. But they make free software
accessible to a larger number of persons. And of course, Hypra made
speech-dispatcher module, and this is free software (in progress in its
integration in the code).

Best regards,

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