Two versions of Firefox, two different annoying bugs.

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Hi Jeffery,

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> Okay, so I recently upgraded my main machine to Knoppix 8. Initially,
> I was glad that a long standing bug that causes Orca to go silent
> whenever I open a file dialog box in firefox, if not outright crash
> something hard enough to force me back to text-mode had been fixed,
> but then I realized the default version of Firefox in Knoppix 8 is
> Firefox 52, aka, the version that dropped ALSA support.
> At first, I thought, no big deal, I'll just switch to Firefox ESR and
> get my ability to listen to YouTube videos back, but apparently, the
> file dialog is still silent in Firefox ESR, and after months of not
> being able to save pages or upload files, I don't relish the idea of
> giving it up again now that it works again.
> I could just switch between the two versions as needed, but that's not
> exactly convient, so I decided to bite the bullet and Install
> pulseaudio, but I'm still without audio when YouTube videos play.
> Everything is still talking properly both in the console and the GUI,
> and I can still play local media from the terminal, but Firefox itself
> remains silent.
> So, does anyone know how to get Firefox working with Pulseaudio, how
> to get Orca to read file dialogs in Firefox-ESR, know of a Firefox
> extension that re-adds ALSA support, or of a decent command-line
> client for listening to YouTube?

1. firefox-52.3.0-2.mga7 on Mageia v7 x86-64 works well enough without
pulseaudio - I hear sound well here - (just checked). Note that I am not
sight-impaired or anything.

2. I use to download videos from youtube and
other sites from the command line, and it works well.



Shlomi Fish

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