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Sun Apr 1 12:47:50 UTC 2018

I think that twm is hardly accessible because it doesn't allow
the "click to focus" mode, meaning that a raised window won't get
the focus, unless you specifically set f.focus for it in the
configuration file, which is tedious unless you use very few

I think that both blackbox and windowmaker can be used.

windowmaker has nice features, more advanced than blackbox, but
I don't know if that helps for accessibility, it depends mostly
on the keyboard shortcuts you set.

On Slint most graphical environments are configured by default
to use the usual main shortcuts, i.e.
At+F1 raises the application menu
Alt+F2 raises a run... dialog where you type a command
Alt+F4 closes the focuses window
but if I understand well this kind of configuration is made by
the end user in Arch.

As Orca mostly come into play when using application in windows,
I believe that as long as you use GTK apps you will get at
least some level of accessibility as soon as the relevant window
gets the focus, regardless of the window manager in use.

Didier Spaier

Le 31/03/2018 à 23:07, Linux for blind general discussion a écrit :
> What did you have to do to set it up with orca? Also what are the
> difference between twm blackbox and windowmaker conserning orca. I'm
> running a arch linux on a vm and a blank fresh install of arch on my
> old pc.
> On 3/31/18, Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list at> wrote:
>> Tim here.  While fluxbox isn't a tiling window manager, it's my daily
>> driver.  I'm partial to the control it gives for mapping keys.  Some
>> of my favorite mappings:
>> - "maximize" vs. "maximize vertically only" vs. "maximize
>>   horizontally only"
>> - raising/lowering windows to layers above/below so one one is always
>>   on top even if it's not focused
>> - pin/unpin a window so it appears on all desktops
>> - toggle window-chrome (hiding the title-bar, resize handles, etc)
>> - jumping to, moving windows to, or taking windows (moving + jumping)
>>   to other desktops
>> - slamming a window to any edge ("move the current window all the way
>>   to the top/bottom/left/right of the screen")
>> - I can move/resize windows with a modifier-key and left/right-click
>>   dragging anywhere in the windows.  A number of other WMs let you do
>>   this, usually with Alt+drag, but Fluxbox lets me change what the
>>   modifier key is (I use Mod4, AKA the "windows logo key").  Same
>>   with using Mod4+tab/Mod4+shift+tab for switching between windows
>>   instead of alt+tab/alt+shift+tab in most other WMs.
>> - launch all my usual applications without needing a menu, just a
>>   hot-key.  This also works nicely since I can control my volume with
>>   my media-keys.  I like to have my volume-down button decrease
>>   faster than my volume-up button increases.  So volume-down decreases
>>   by 7% while my volume-up key increases by 3%.  It's quirky, but
>>   what I want, and fluxbox lets me do it.
>> It's also very light-weight, not requiring much in the way of
>> resources, so it runs well even on my older or more underpowered
>> machines.
>> I believe that i3 also offers much of the same sort of functionality,
>> but I've not tinkered with it so I can't speak to how it behaves.
>> I'd be glad to share excerpts from my ~/.fluxbox/keys file if you
>> need any of them.
>> -tim
>> On March 31, 2018, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>>> I would like to try a tialing window manager. Something like i3-wm
>>> or fluxbox but I don't know how accessible they would be.
>>> On 3/31/18, Linux for blind general discussion
>>> <blinux-list at> wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> Le 31/03/2018 à 12:46, Linux for blind general discussion a
>>>> écrit :
>>>>> Hello, I'm looking for alternative window mangers. I don't
>>>>> really want mate, gnome, and xfce. I want to try out new ones.
>>>> What are your needs with respect to accessibility?
>>>> What don't you like in the software you listed?
>>>> Strictly speaking mate, gnome and xfce are desktops, not just
>>>> window managers.
>>>> As an example the mate desktop includes the marco window manager
>>>> by default, but it can be replaced by another one like compiz or
>>>> metacity.
>>>> There are a lot of other window managers, as an example we ship in
>>>> Slint all listed plus fluxbox, windowmaker and fvwm2, whose level
>>>> of accessibility vary.
>>>> Didier Spaier
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