Possibly Off-Topic: Elia, a tactile alphabet proclaiming to be an intuitive alternative to Braille.

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Sun Apr 22 18:20:16 UTC 2018

Good Afternoon,

My apologies if anyone recieving this considers this spam, but I
figured I should at least make every visually impaired/blind person or
person who works with the visually impaired/blind in my address book
aware of this project.

The people behind Elia claim it to be the world's most intuitive
tactile reading system, and while I'm skeptical that it'll greatly
improve upon traditional raised text significantly and would take any
project that turns to Kickstarter for funding as being a risky
investment, here's the link so those interested can make their own



Jeffery Wright
Bachelor of Computer Science
President Emeritus, Nu Nu Chapter, Phi Theta Kappa.

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