Possibly Off-Topic: Elia, a tactile alphabet proclaiming to be an intuitive alternative to Braille.

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Sun Apr 22 23:28:19 UTC 2018

So they changed 6 letters, but according to the article, they made the 
font larger rather than making it smaller. It still seems highly 
counterintuitive, especially for someone who has a life-long 
relationship with the printed alphabet as it is. Believe me ... it's 
hard enough to type differently using an alternative layout where only 
30% of the keys have changed. And feeling letters one is used to seeing 
is even harder. That said, I used to be able to read the title pages of 
those old Winnie the Pooh and other children's books with no trouble at 
all when I was younger, and they changed no letters at all; they only 
made the letters easy to feel by eliminating most of the distractions 
caused by the little lines and extra tiny tails present in the more 
fancy looking fonts. Those letters did get a little small, but just 
increasing the font size to the size of braille or slightly larger would 
have made the letters quite easy to read on their own without changing 
their appearance.

Imetumwa kutoka bibi yangu

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