still seeking, is anyone have a shell server I can use for a test?

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Tue Aug 7 01:31:24 UTC 2018

Hi Henry,
With the changes list wise, i. e. names not provided, I may have missed 
your  offer.
your restrictions are perfectly fine so I will  share a few details.
I doubt this will require more than a day, even more than an hour.
My client does not use email address formats. Instead it is user name 
I share that because I am unsure if vps structures prevent that kind of 
the most important need, with all else  for a shell  server being constant 
is that the port be anything but  port 22.
frankly a real server instead of a vps might be best, as we are used to 
our shared hosting with dreamhost.
I am privately at klewellen at
Drop me a private note and we can pull this together.
as to timing, you are doing me a favor.   so long as we are on the same 
page  regarding my actual need, I can wait.

On Mon, 6 Aug 2018, Henry Yen wrote:

> On Mon, Aug 06, 2018 at 19:29:50PM -0400, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>> I am still seeking a simple, based on the testing needs  of the engineers
>> working with me here  server if possible.
>> Granted I have already tested a couple of examples, but suppose I desire
>> being a touch more scientific.
>> So, again if anyone has or can suggest a server using alternative port
>> settings than 22 for ssh, let  me know off list.
>> Janina's server times out according to -v information.
>> Our agency is pressed for time to find a solution, which may end up being
>> hostgator for our accounts  in the end.
> some e-mails must be getting lost in the desert. again, i run my own servers
> with my own address space, and would be willing to set up a virtual server
> for whatever testing you require, including root access, under the following
> constraints:
> 1. reasonably brief testing (days not weeks).
> 2. set-up time is manual, so may take a day or five; if your need is
>   really urgent, i'll see what i can get pushed through sooner.
> 3. a security envelope unless impossible. by that i mean access to the
>   server from pre-defined sources, not the entire internet. adjustable.
> 4. it might be a physical server instead of virtual.
> 5. my dns is manual. if you want forward/reverse that'll add a full day.
> in case you didn't know, five bucks will set you up a virtual server at
> digital ocean for a month.  if you can spare that, i can set that up for you
> instead (i am sighted mostly), and that would take less than an hour.
> such a resource has no restrictions on anything at all.

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